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Life Style Inventory™ (LSI) Accreditation Technical Workshop

Start Date16 Aug 2017 9:00 AM
End Date17 Aug 2017 5:00 PM
Closing Date12 May 2017
City Melbourne
VenueHuman Synergistics Office
Level 1
80 Dorcas Street
South Melbourne
Ph: 03 9675 0100
NotesTechnical Workshop Purpose
The purpose of the Accreditation Workshop is to upskill potential users in the methodology of the LSI and GSI, using an experiential approach.
Technical workshop is Part 2 and expands on Part 1 by presenting more in-depth, technical content. It positions the participant as "Accredited Practitioner".

Technical Workshop Objectives..
- Develop a basic understanding of the technical aspects of the LSI/GSI tools
- Explore LSI/GSI Program Design & Implementation ideas
- Practice debriefing the LSI using live client data, so that practitioners are "debrief-ready"

Technical Workshop Outcomes
At the completion of this Workshop participants will be able to debrief their client's LSI results and facilitate the development of action plans around these results.

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