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A Call to Action!

Start Date30 Nov 2018 1:00 PM
End Date30 Nov 2018 4:00 PM
City Melbourne
VenueHuman Synergistics Office
Level 1
80 Dorcas Street
South Melbourne
Ph: 03 9675 0100
Notes“A Call to Action!” is the third event in our Individual event series, this event will look at action planning resources and processes to assist in embedding change and to solve the post-debrief question of “What’s next?”. Facilitated discussions around change from a personal and coach perspective, with key take-aways including identifying blockers to change and what makes change successful; and increased familiarisation with the HS action planning tools.

Accredited practitioners ONLY. Attendees will need prior experience in debriefing LSI 1 & 2 for the session to be relevant.

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