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LSI 1:The Value of Yourself

Start Date22 Nov 2018 9:00 AM
End Date22 Nov 2018 12:30 PM
City Melbourne
123 Queen Street,
Melbourne VIC 3000
NotesWith Lorraine McCarthy

Your LSI 1 - Exploring the relationship you have with yourself and the effect this has on your observable behaviour.

In this 3 and a half hour session you will have an opportunity to complete your own LSI 1 and to better understand its meaning in terms of how you speak to yourself. How do you expect yourself to behave in order to be ‘worthwhile’? We will approach this in terms of a metaphor which sees the ‘adult’ you in relationship to the ‘child’ you.

You will also be encouraged to take a Rational Emotive approach in looking at the items you have used to describe yourself. Do your descriptions of yourself assist or hinder you? What is the gain? What is the cost? Are you really like you say? Do you want it to be so? Would you like it to be different? Can you change?

You will learn the language of positive regard for yourself and the best way to achieve peace and joy in your life as well as the outcomes you want. It is also a chance to be reminded of the style you are most likely to default to in times of stress and to get a gauge on how things are for you in the here and now.

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